Two in the Middle

This was such a great project to be a part of. The author, Pamela Beere Briggs, has written a book (Two in the Middle: Living Loving & Learning in Middle School and Middle Age) about her experience home schooling her daughter for her middle school years. It really makes you think about the kind of education that we're pushing today - testing vs. comprehension and results vs. process which is stressing out our kids and most likely not serving them in the end.

To me it read as more of a novel than a non-fiction work and I was quickly drawn into the story of this fascinating time that this mother and daughter shared.

The chapter titles also serve as bite-size philosophical morsels of food for thought. I believe that ideas introduced to me in "Two in the Middle" such as "Uncertain Happiness vs. Certain Happiness" will stick with me forever.

We created a website so that Pamela and Natalie could invite readers of Two in the Middle to be part of the story through posts and comments.

Pamela also has a great facebook page for her site that she populates with really interesting posts about everything from education to recipes for vegetable broths. It is definitely worth checking out - and liking while you're at it!

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